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The LoyaltyMatch APIs allows you to quickly connect the SaaS platform with your web site or application. Their advantages include ease of integration and development, and it is an excellent choice of technology for use with mobile applications and Web projects. The REST APIs are designed to be easily accessible from any programming language – once you understand the basic concepts of the APIs, you will be able to apply them to Java, PHP, Ruby, .NET, or any other environment. The LoyaltyMatch APIs supports multiple representations.

Native (Machine 2 Machine) API View API

The LoyaltyMatch Native API is primarily a server side API with operations focused around listing data about loyalty program, administration of the program and transactions with member points activities. This makes the API great for server side integrations for various platforms that want to connect to the Loyalty system for both retrieving data and pushing transactions. The API supports both JSON and XML data. Some calls support JSONP.

Member (Token) API View API

The LoyaltyMatch Member API is primarily a client side API with a focus on operations a member would take on our loyalty system. This makes the API great for client side integrations for hybrid mobile apps and customized front end solutions for web applications. The API is a token based system where the member must go through basic authentication which can be done by the login and registration endpoints or using the member authentication widget. The API supports only JSON data and has fully JSONP support with the exception of registration and login endpoints.

The LoyaltyMatch member authentication widget is a JavaScript widget that allows for member authentication through the widget for a complete front end solution with the Member API.
To get information on how you may use the widget contact us at: developers {@} loyaltymatch.com.

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